Testimonials - What freeroll poker players are saying

“I have been receiving email alerts for a month now and have managed to get involved in some freerolls that I would never have known about. I am also finding that I am trying out a few different poker platforms, which is giving me some understanding of what other poker rooms are like.”
P. Watts – Derry, N. Ireland

“I look forward to that weekly email, it's my freeroll poker fix!”
T. Arnsson – Aalborg, Denmark

So simple, but such a good idea. If only there were more services like this for poker players.
P. Croft – Manchester, UK

“I am really glad I found freeroll poker, as it has saved me a lot of heartache finding freerolls that I can actually get a seat at. I have only been a member for a few weeks, but have already benefited from signing up.”
G. Cliskow – Reading, UK

“I can't believe this is a free resource! Thank you for the heads up on the freerolls and special bonuses.”
P. Blake – Denver, USA

“There are so many sites on the internet that promise so much, it is nice to find one that does exactly what it says it does. Even though I don't sign up to every tournament, it’s good to see that email in my inbox with the latest poker tournaments that are free to play in.”
C. Petterson – Stockholm, Sweden

“Thanks for the freeroll poker alerts, it definitely makes things easier. Now it’s clear to see what freeroll prize wins I can achieve.”
J. Adams – London, UK

“I never knew there were this many freeroll poker tournaments online, there are loads.”
C. Chevalier- Bordeaux, France

“Why haven’t I come across this site before? I was getting tired of trying to find freeroll poker tournaments but now I have found this site that has everything in one place and it has made things a whole lot easier.”
W. Nelson – Montana, USA

“This has to be one of the best sites for information on freeroll, so easy to read and understand.”
M. Griffiths – Bolton, UK

“As a new player to poker and freeroll poker, I like the way the site gives some good information on freeroll poker for new players like me.”
J. Thompson – Dundee, UK

“I like how the freeroll emails alerts are actually alerts and not full of promotion rubbish trying to promote products I’m not interested in.”
G. Cooper – Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK

“Not many sites do this but I like the way this site gives a mini freeroll review for each poker site. I think it helps when making a decision between different poker sites and offers.”
S.Baldwin – Exeter, UK

“I agree this site is the easiest way to find freeroll poker tournaments, especially with the freeroll poker alerts.
K.Roberts – Newport, UK

“This is the best site I have ever used for freeroll poker.”
L.Hassan – Southampton, UK

“I live in Swansea and cannot afford the buy in to play in a poker tournament, but thanks to freeroll poker I can find and easily take part in freeroll.”
R.Jacobs – Swansea, UK

“I have spent a good couple of hours looking for decent freeroll information and now on this site I have found some. I think  I may also sign up to the email alerts too.”
N.Parker – Carlisle, UK

“I will be recommending the free freeroll email alerts service to all my friends.”
H,Turner – Bradford, UK