About Us

The Freeroll Poker team worked out a long time ago that gaining entry in freeroll tournaments online was becoming harder and harder to do.

Experience has shown us that, with so many players searching for freerolls, and so many "freeroll sites" running symmetrical scripts advertising them, getting seats is now a real challenge. You only have to do a search for "freeroll poker" in any popular search engine, and you will find hundreds of sites displaying freerolls to the masses.

With it becoming increasingly difficult to get seats at freerolls, we decided it was time to address the balance, and developed FreeRollPoker.co.uk

Most poker rooms have freerolls that nobody ever hears about. They may have been given away as prizes or special promotions and quite often have limited competition and large winning pots.

We continually develop relationships with online poker rooms, so that we can offer details of these freerolls to our registered community. Some of these freerolls are by special invite only, making them very exclusive. You can gain access to this information by signing up to our free email alert service.

Simply register your name and email address and we will keep you informed about the hottest freeroll tournaments online.

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